Welcome to my SharePoint blog! I’ve been a developer for over 20 years since I retired from the Marine Corps, but I’ve only been working with SharePoint for 6 years. It’s definitely different!

Getting compiled code through the IA approval process has always been too slow and arduous to make it worth it, so we have been relying on client-side code for the UI and PowerShell scripts and Windows Task Manager to do the work of timer jobs. However, early this year we were directed to move to the cloud and we chose IntelShare as our host. They provide a good, stable service that we are quite happy with. However, no compiled code and no PowerShell scripts, so we rely entirely on client-side code. We can make people hitting our home page do the work of timer jobs and they don’t even notice it so long as we only make each person only do a small chunk of work, but more on that in another post.

This blog is not intended to cover the massive JavaScript frameworks that are out there, but instead to focus on the little nagging issues that made me the grumpy old guy that I am. My solutions may not be the most efficient or the most elegant, but they should allow you to see one solution and you are free to use my code and improve on it however you see fit. As with any other developer, I shamelessly steal code and ideas, but whenever I know the source of code I use, I post credit for it – it would be nice if you do me the same courtesy.

Finally, while there are a couple of places that I use JSOM, most of my code is simple jQuery making REST calls. My original intent was to avoid proprietary code because I thought the code would be more portable if I kept it more generic, but that hasn’t been the case. However, it’s human nature to stick with what you know. If you know of a cleaner way to do something, then tell us about it! I may be old, but I’m not too old to learn new tricks.